Look how they shine for you

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Its 4 am &’ I’m boreeed  ,
don’t judge me  .~

I decided to prank call my ex because im pathetic like that. Anyways i didnt use *67 cuz im dumb. But i used the house phone. So i called he was like helloooo? And i just panicked and hung up. So he calls back like 3 mins later and without thinking i picked the phone up and was like “hello” and i realized my mistake so i was like fuck and hung up and then i burst out laughing.

Kay so basically i always get myself into fucked up/wierd situations. Ex:
So i met this guy a few nights ago or whatever. & he was nice and sweet and i actually started liking him. His attitude turned me on. Kay so we ended up having sex or whatever & i was likeee all happy cuz like we were basically in this bigass house by ourselves for like 3 days. Kay so he was telling me he liked me & i liked him too. And i was like wow a cute funny smart guy likes me(: i mean he cooked for me & everything. So i was just like omg he’s perf. Happy story, right? No. Absolutely not.
So one day I left the house for one day so i could spend the night at my homeboys house. I told my homeboy all about him & everything. Goddamn im stupid. Kay so the next day, i get dropped back off at home right. & i walk in all happy cuz im suuuper excited to see disss nigga. Kay so im walking in witha bigass smile on my stupid face & i see him on the couch. And laying in his beautiful muscular arms is another girl. Craaazy right. What did i do? I put on my poker face, said “hey” as nonchalant as i could and breezed out the room as if i didn’t give 2 fucks. Later on, i findd out that its his fucking girlfriend he’s been with for a year. And she’s 2 months pregnant by the bastard. So yeah. My life is a fucking joke basically. I give up on people.
Damn that nigga made her onion rings and everything.

This is mee.
No makeup.
Hair uncombed, no smiles.
Just me.
My  Dad  was getting tired of little kids knocking on  our door so



I want this… Forever alone :(

haha his face